T. E. A. M.

Mark Vroegop, a friend of mine and a lead pastor in Indianapolis recently shared some of his leadership insights with our leadership team here at Life Action. We took notes & I’m sure we missed much, but following is the essence of what he shared with us.

Scripture talks more about character than competency.
Trust is violated when we forget it is a privilege to be in leadership.
People need to know what’s coming next.
Don’t trust someone who will not disagree with you.
As ministry’s grow, the communication styles change.
Help people trust what kind & size of organization we are now. (Track—Golf—Basketball—Football)

An opportunity to deposit into the “trust” account of your people.
Use the words, “Do more of that’ more often with your team.
Be OK with who you are in the Lord. Figure out how to utilize your gifts
Process is always messy, no matter how hard we try to get it right.

Accountability should be a culture. An environment. Regularly ask for and get good feedback.”
Create an environment of emotional safety.
Ask “what do I need to know that others are not telling me?”
Teach-ability is the humility to receive instruction AND the drive to do something about it.

Your mission should be contagious!
Mission leaks … people tend to forget.
Help people know where they fit.
Be compassionate, kind, and assertive.