Learn to Ask Better Questions

February 17, 2010

One area that I am trying to grow in is learning how to ask good questions. I have read several articles and a book on the subject & it is a favorite method of Bobb Biehl. Today I came across this article & thought you might enjoy it as well. It is a good post on the Harvard Business Review blog by John Baldoni.

“Every leader I know has at least one need in common: a need to connect honestly with others. One way to help foster improved connections is by asking good questions. Leaders who excel at asking good questions have honed an ability to cut to the heart of the manner in a way that disarms the person being interviewed and opens the door for genuine conversation.

Whether they are talking to customers, interviewing job candidates, talking to their bosses, or even questioning staff, executives need to draw people out. And so often, it is not a matter of what you ask, it is how you ask it. Here are some suggestions.

1. Be curious.
2. Be open-ended
3. Be engaged
4. Dig deeper

Asking good questions, and doing so in spirit of honest information gathering and eventual collaboration, is good practice for leaders. It cultivates an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing issues that affect both their performance and that of the team. And that, in turn, creates a foundation for deepening levels of trust.”

Click here to read the entire post.

What are some of your favorite questions?