Five Ways Leaders Can Avoid the Pitfall of Pride

February 26, 2010

As you can tell by now, Michael Hyatt is one of my favorite bloggers on leadership.

I really like this most recent post by a guest blogger Mike Hawkins. Following are some highlights from his post:

Being a leader means you have followers. Having followers means you have power. Having power means you have a responsibility to be responsible. Corporate leaders, parents, preachers, teachers, community leaders, and politicians have a higher standard to live up to because of their ability to influence. And the larger your circle of influence, the larger your responsibility.

In defense of leaders who have trouble remembering why they are leaders, leadership can make you proud. It has a tendency to make you self-centered.Be careful with pride. It can bury itself in your subconscious and sabotage you. It will permeate your thoughts, words, and actions. Without intending, you will come across as arrogant, conceited, and selfish. These are not qualities that endear people to you. Consider these five principles to maintain your humility:

1. Seek feedback
2. Test your motives
3. Know your responsibility
4. Ground your confidence in yourself **
5. Know how to promote your value-add

** Number 4 is one point I take issue with in this posting. The confidence we have, IMO, must come from who we are in Christ and in His power. “Self-confidence” as it usually defined is misplaced confidence in my opinion – we are weak & prone to deceiving ourselves, so we must place our confidence in Christ.

Check out Proverbs 3:26 and Philippians 3:3.


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    You are right. We should ground our confidence in Christ. And it is through Christ that we can accept ourselves which is perhaps the better way to word bullet #4.