Remember: It’s a Conversation, Not a Destination! (social media)

Good post from the Church Crunch site about a couple of key points about the use of social media.

So your church, ministry, or organization has finally decided to get on board with this whole social media thing.


But, in your excitement you go all out by creating accounts everywhere you can think of: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Tangle, and anywhere else that you’ve heard that people are hanging out.
This is exactly what so many churches and ministries do. The problem is that the one tweet you put out there will eventually get lost in the flurry of other tweets that people are trying to keep up with.The problem is that ministries in this position fail to recognize how people interact with these technologies in the first place. Too often we put things out there expecting that we ‘ll create this great new destination that people will flock to.That means that you need to remember that it is a conversation, and not a destination. And in order to effectively do this, there are two things that you’ll need to do:

1. Talk Regularly.

2. Avoid Talking at Them

The article is well worth reading if you are involved with the use of social media.