Cant’t take a regular sabbatical – how about a “micro-sabbatical”?

March 2, 2010

Sabbaticals are increasingly being recognized as necessary for the health of key staff – especially leadership staff. We are just beginning to embrace the concept here at our ministry. One thing we are doing is requiring ten of our senior directors to take one day a month where they get off and meet with the Lord. It is not a catch up day, or clean up e-mail time or etc. It is a day to get quiet before the Lord. It is a mini-sabbatical of sorts.

Michael Hyatt in his blog addresses the concept of a “micro-sabbatical”. I really like the concept and his article. Following are a couple of excerpts from the blog post.

Creative rejuvenation. Spiritual revival. Professional development. Don’t sabbaticals sound nice? Yeah, except that’s Google we’re talking about. And Bill Gates, for crying out loud! These people practically run the world, so of course they can get away with blowing off real work for months at a time. Meanwhile the rest of us are simply grateful to be gainfully employed these days with a couple weeks of paid vacation.

But that doesn’t mean that you must deprive yourself from nurturing your depleted soul. How can you expect to be productive and creative, to lead effectively and to drive your enterprise forward if you neglect the simple act of taking care of yourself? It turns out that often the best ideas and moments of insight come when our minds are wandering, thinking about something else, or nothing at all. So it is absolutely critical to your leadership that you create some white space to get lost in from time to time.

Here are six micro-sabbatical ideas that can serve you well, without costing you your job.

1. Take a day off.
2. Schedule time for nothing
3. Start a practice of daily meditation.
4. Retreat to nature.
5. Get physical
6. Take in a seminar

The post is very good & worth your time to read.