“Leaders Who Last”

I have just finished a good book on leadership – Leaders Who Last, by Dave Kraft. Dave is the Leadership Development Pastor at Mars Hill in Seattle. Following is a quote from the book on a simple process that you might find helpful. The book is worth adding to your library in my opinion.


“It must begin with a clear purpose. Purpose is the foundation for everything. It gives birth to passion that sings within you as you delve into daily leadership responsibilities. It is accompanied by a sense of joy in knowing that you are making a significant contribution. Out of your purpose and passion you set goals to help you get to where God wants you to be. To reach those goals you create action steps, a prioritized do list. You arrange them in the order of their true importance taking deadlines into consideration. Then you decide when you will do them, execute them as planned, and continually evaluate how you are progressing towards your desired goal.

This simple and intentional process will increase any leader’s joy and fruitfulness. “ (emphasis added)

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