Leadership Lessons from George Whitefield

March 14, 2010

Following are some leadership “points” from George Whitefield from the book, Forgotten Founding Father by Stephen Mansfield, p. 265.

1. Critics are the unpaid guardians of the soul.

2. Humility is the freedom from self that great leadership demands.

3. Suffering purifies the heart, hones the vision, and fashions the soul for battles to come.

4. A truly effective public life is only possible if grown from a truly nourishing private life.

5. Great leaders read in order to lead.

6. Intercessory prayer is the long-range artillery of God. Leadership of eternal consequence is impossible without it.

7. Extremes are deformity of purpose and wise leaders check the one to preserve the other.

8. Applying the past to the present so as to shape the future is the leader’s art.

9. To view life from the vantage point of death is to grasp the purpose for living.

10. Leadership is a trust of power on behalf of the poor and the needy.

11. Great leaders welcome hardship as the price of lasting change.

I will share a few more tomorrow.

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    I just got the chance to open the website. Wow! Too much meat for a single setting. I lost track of other things going on – trying to send notes to other folks who ought to look at this (and of course, taking a few notes for myself). I should have known you would do nothing by half measures. PB