Social Media – too much of a good thing is not good

March 14, 2010

Social media – in moderation – is a good thing. It has reconnected so many of that have lost touch over the years as well as introduced us to new friends. However, just as in many other areas of life – a good thing done in excess is not healthy. Read some comments below from a post by Tim Sanders.

“Social media is addicting and eventually can become a bottomless pit of writing and replying. We delude ourselves into thinking that if we Facebook poke or email ping someone we are still cultivating a relationship. Wrong. We are maintaining a weak tie or association at best. But the feelings are being squeezed out of our relationships during digital compression.

As a result, I’m afraid we are trading in real friends for digital followers, and it’s probably a downgrade in terms of our personal support systems. ”

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So, don’t trade in real friends for “digital followers” – you will lose every time.