More “Lessons of Leadership” from George Whitefield

I had promised to share the rest of the list the other day but got sidetracked. Following are more “Lessons of Leadership” from the book, Forgotten Founding Father by Stephen Mansfield, p. 265.

12. The leader who knows he is destined is the leader who can risk in pursuit of a dream.

13. Leaders must conquer the demons of their souls before they can conquer the demons of their age.

14. Great leadership is impossible without great love.

15. Leadership is about values that leaders must live before they proclaim.

16. To offer a people hope is to acquire a position of leadership in their lives.

17. Humor is the celebration of joy that gives life, and thus true leadership, its meaning.

18. To draw out the best that is in a man despite his flaws is to lead him toward the man he is called to be.

19. To make a divided people one in the service of a noble cause is the hallmark of great leadership.

20. Every man has a destiny, but his destiny is fulfilled by investing in the destinies of others.

Some good “lessons” to remember.