Life Plan

March 26, 2010

Today, I have sequestered myself at Life Action’s Lodge that is the base for our Christian leaders ministry. It is a beautiful day & I am looking out over the St. Joseph River.

I am here today working my way through Daniel Harkavy’s “Life Plan” process that he describes in his book, Becoming a Coaching Leader. The down-loadable form is on his site – just click here to download the form.

Wow – what a day is has been already. The Lord has really used this tool to bring great clarity to my life and ministry!

The Life Plan has eight major components or elements that you address:

1. Assess where you are in life today.

2. Awareness of what is important to you. He calls these “accounts”. Examples are Faith, Spouse, Family, Ministry, Career, Health, Your Dreams, etc. You walk through a process of identifying what is truly important in your life.

3. Once you have identified each “account”, you then clarify your vision for that account. In 20 or 30 years, what do you want to be able to look back and say about your family, ministry, career, etc.?

4. Define your purpose for each account – in one sentence define the end result you are looking for.

5. Make your plans – this is where you record specific actions that you will take in order to accomplish your goals.

6. Change your actions and track your success – this is where you begin scheduling and acting on your “action steps” and then tracking your progress and success.

7. Live the journey – this is the weekly review of your Life Plan to ensure you are still on track.

8. Stay on course – this is the accountability portion. God has designed us for community and we need each other. In this case, you need a trusted friend that will truly hold you accountable in these areas of your life.

Right now, I am on Step 6 where I am beginning to actually schedule the actions. I will let you know a little bit about my journey as I develop and implement my Life Plan.

Try this – you will be blessed and much more effective in your life and ministry.

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