Leadership Coaching – Life Plan “Accounts”

I have been sharing some things from Daniel Harkavy’s book, Becoming a Coaching Leader. Last Friday, as I mentioned, I took the day and worked on my Life Plan as I described earlier. One of the things Daniel has you do is to develop the major “accounts” in your life and then to address what you are going to do with those accounts.

Some examples of accounts are:

• God

• Spouse

• Children

• Ministry

• Finances

• Health

• Career

• And others

You get the idea.

The next step is to articulate, in writing, your Purpose Statement for that account, your Vision Statement for that account, and then the specific actions you are going to take in order to achieve your vision for that account.

An example of the account for your Wife:

Purpose: To love her as Christ loves the Church. Ephesians 5:25-33.

Vision: At age 75, we will be able to reflect back on our lives and marvel at how Christ has truly knit us together as one and how our marriage has reflected the relationship of Christ and the Church to those around us. We will have a life filled with rich relationships with family and friends. It will be a marriage of love, purpose, romance and fun that has been enriched from dealing with adversity together through the Grace of Jesus Christ.


• Pray with her every night before going to sleep.

• Read Scripture with her daily.

• Take her on a date weekly.

• Take two weekend getaways a year – one before June 30 and the second before November 30.

As you might imagine – your action steps need to be specific and measurable. And then – accountability. You need to share these with someone that you trust and that you invite them to and allow them to hold you accountable to following through with your commitments.

So, that was one example of how you would structure an “Account”. It is a great exercise.



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