What’s Love Got to do With It?

What does love have to do with running a business? Read the excerpts from Tim Sander’s blog below and see what he has to say about love.

For those of us in ministry, I wonder if we have something we need to learn from this “business guy”? Do you really love the people that the Lord has brought into your organization and entrusted to your care? Or do you sometimes see them as means to and end – accomplishing your tasks? Do you sometimes see them as obstacles to getting things done rather than divine interruptions? I know that too often, I don’t love my co-laborers as I should.

Read what Tim has to say – what do you think?

“In my experience, when you show business love, you are sharing your intangibles to promote the other’s growth. You are sharing knowledge, your network of relationships or your compassion to help others grow, end suffering and prosper.

You need to find the faith. We are a species that reciprocates and gives more to people that truly care about us. Here’s the real problem: ego. The modern business leader never wants to be wrong about people, because that would be quite ‘personal’.

Get over it. If you want to test how you will feel about this in your later days, just visit any retirement community and talk to the former bizfolk staying there. Ask them about their managers, reports and vendors. Ask them if they consider them friends, sons, daughters, brothers, etc. To a person, you’ll get a twinkle and a tear, as they explain that some of the greatest relationships of their life happened at work. This is why I love my people in the here and now. I’m not so hungry for scale, that I’m willing to turn humans into objects. I’m not afraid of being wrong about people, perfect is the enemy of good.”

Do you really love your people? Are you showing that love? BTW – how do you show that love?