Redirecting Someone When Things are not Going Well

Read a good post on the Blanchard Leader Chat blog by David Witt regarding how a new manager should redirect someone on his team. This is a critical skill for new managers. In fact, some of us “old-timers” probably need a little refreshing on this subject. Read what Mr. Witt has to say below and then go to the blog to read the entire article.

“It would be great if performance management was as simple as setting clear goals, monitoring progress, and cheering people on. The reality is that occasionally the role of manager also includes sharing feedback when things aren’t going well, or when performance isn’t meeting up to expectations. This can be a real challenge for a new manager. How do you deliver negative feedback in a way that will be received well and lead to a change in behavior?

Here are five tips that can help a new manager with this often delicate task:

1. Address the situation quickly.

2. Be specific.

3. Acknowledge your shared responsibility for the situation.

4. Reset expectations for moving forward.

5. Express your continuing trust and confidence in the person.

Many problems in life stem not from making mistakes, but from not learning from our mistakes. With a little bit of practice, new managers can learn to deliver effective redirections in a way that both improves performance and strengthens relationships at the same time.” -David Witt

How do you redirect people?