Your productivity: 10 easy ways to give it a boost

Some great tips from Tom Terez on the “Build a Better Workplace” blog.

“1. Do less in order to do more. Scour your schedule for work activities that amount to meaningless busywork. Stop these bad habits immediately
2. Know when “good enough” is good enough. If you’re a perfectionist who spends excessive time making everything just so, snap out of it.
3. Submit to the timer. If you want to spend thirty minutes on a given task, set a timer and stop when it goes off.
4. Schedule meetings before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m. Meetings can fracture your schedule. Schedule a big stretch of interrupted time for projects.
5. Handle e-mail and messages twice a day.
6. Take the break. Ten minutes away from work can clear the mind, reduce stress, and put things in perspective.
7. Learn how to single-task. When you open multiple windows and programs on your computer, things get sluggish. It’s the same with people. Start doing one thing well at a time.
8. Cut loose with colleagues.
9. Invest in motivation.
10. Put your heads together. At your next meeting, ask: ‘What can we do to be more productive? What can we do as individuals, and what can we do as a team?’ ”

So – what are some of your tips for increasing productivity?