Are You Taking the Time to Think Deeply?

April 5, 2010

Thinking, creating, inspiring – all things that we as leaders are supposed to do and that we do on an ongoing basis – right?

Well maybe you do, but for me, I often find myself almost a slave to e-mail, texts, phone calls, meetings, and project deadlines. By the time I get through my “stuff” either the day is gone or I am too tired to do any quality thinking. Here at the ministry, we are trying to come to grips with the issue of key leaders not having the time to think deeply and are trying some different approaches.

First, we are requiring a number of our senior leaders to take one day away to meet with the Lord about their roles and responsibilities within the ministry. It is not a vacation day nor is it a “catch-up” day. It is a day that they first spend in reading Scripture and in prayer that then moves to them looking into the long-term direction of their areas of responsibility. We are into the second month of doing this and already we are seeing dividends.

We realized that as an organization that we had to exert some self-discipline. All of the directors that are having to take this day all knew the importance of deep thinking on their part, but could somehow never find the time. So, as an organization we had to find the time for them and make it a directive. One of our senior leaders said that on his first day, he was very reluctant to take the time and in fact was a little agitated about having to do so. At the end of the day, he was converted – he said it was an extremely rich and needed time.

As leaders, it is critical that we somehow incorporate into our calendars regular times of deep thinking about our roles and responsibilities. In my opinion, it borders on irresponsibility to not do so. Only by being intentional and by actually scheduling regular times will it ever happen.

I will share with you one organization’s “template” for a day of deep thinking in my next post.

Michael Hyatt has some thoughts on this as well:

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Question – do you have a particular way that you ensure that you have time for deep thinking about your roles and responsibilities?