Are your routines turning into ruts?

Do your routines serve you or control you?

Routines are great – most of the time. When we use routines to get done the everyday little things, that’s ok. However, when major blocks of our day, week, month or even year is just “routine”, then we have a problem. Routine can easily substitute for creative and critical thinking which is not good.

Tom Terez has a good article that will challenge you about your daily routines. Click here to read the entire article.

“We learn the lesson every time we tie our shoelaces, brush our teeth, make the bed, do the grocery shopping: routine is a good thing.

We drive the same route to work, or we ride the same public transportation. We take that cup of coffee or tea, or we buy it at the same place each day. We settle into our work station or cubicle or office with the same set of motions.

Routines make our lives so much easier. Or do they? The problem occurs when the routine becomes our brain. When we do today what we did yesterday just because. If you’re willing to do the same thing over and over because it requires less effort, go for it. But if you want to experience the alternative, try these little experiments: . . .”

Click here to see Tom’s recommendations.

Try them – you will end up being refreshed

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