The New Rules of Leadership from Inc.

Inc. Online has an interesting article on the changing face of leadership.  Very interesting and many of the points have been made by other writers on leadership.  Not sure I agree with everything, but it is a very interesting article. 

Following are some excerpts:

“What does it take to be a great boss?

Today, in a more uncertain economic time, the rules of great leadership have changed. So to guide the contemporary leader, Inc. has compiled 13 unconventional and surprisingly effective leadership ideas—some of which, in the past, would have been decried as micromanaging or overrelying on gut instincts. These are the new rules of leadership.

Have a Bias Towards Action.

Let “No” Be a Bigger Part of Your Vocabulary

Keep Communications to a Minimum

Motivate Employees Through Volunteerism.

Set Up Your Office as an Idea Factory.

Make Customer Service Everyone’s Job.

Value Creativity Over Productivity

Leave Your Schedule Open

Don’t Treat All Employees Equally

Skip Meetings and Forget Face Time

Micromanage. (Sometimes.).

Let Employees Come and Go as They Please

Work Weekends, and Love It

Make the Important Calls Yourself”

Very interesting article – what do you think?

PS – did you notice that there are actually 14 items and not 13 as they say? 🙂