Success Is Made of Little Victories

Interesting article by Chris Brogan about how our successes usually are the result of several “little victories”. It is incredible how often consistency in little things, produce results in the “big things”. Somewhat of a parallel to an idea in Chip & Dan Heath’s book, Switch – “Big problems are rarely solved with commensurately big solutions. Instead, they are most often solved by a sequence of small solutions, sometimes over weeks, sometimes over decades.” Following is an excerpt from his blog post. Click here to read the entire post.

“Everything we do to be successful comes from little victories. When someone takes notice of our success, it looks like something big. It feels like one big moment. But always, and I mean always, it comes from a series of little victories. Look at the successes you’ve had. Did they all come at once? Or did you build up from nowhere to somewhere to somewhere better to a quick fallback to a new success, and then pow? Right.

Start With Little Flags and Bigger Flags

One way to start achieving your own victories is to know what you’re aiming to accomplish. For instance, if you hate your job, plant a positive flag in the ground that says, “I’m going to change roles/careers.” That’ll be your bigger flag. If you want to get really specific, you should consider adding things like dates to your flags. (Otherwise, they’re more like dreams.)
Then, plant some smaller flags. For instance, having some extra money stashed away so you can cover your transition for a few months might be a good way to accomplish your bigger flag goal. So, how will you get that money?

Praise Each Little Victory. Then Move on.

Never Justify

Your Flags, Not Everyone’s Flags

Praise Others Often

Success Accepts Temporary Setbacks and Failures

Our efforts to achieve success hinge on little victories

Has this been true in your life?