8 Ways to Foster Innovation

Good article in Inc. online about 8 ways to spur innovation.  While aimed at businesses, churches and ministries can apply many of the same principles in their context – click here to read the entire post.

“Creativity fosters innovation, but how can you ignite creative sparks within your organization? We’ve compiled lessons on developing and maintaining a vibrant research and development strategy.

How can you unleash the creative spirit lurking in your workforce? Here are eight of the best strategies we’ve uncovered in recent months.

1. Let Every Employee Play Designer.

2. Provide Lots of Free Time to Think.

3. Use New Software to Round Up Staff Ideas.

4. Encourage Risk-Taking.

5. Hold an Intern Contest.

6. Reward Million-Dollar Ideas.

7. New Project, New Team.

8. Allocate 10 Percent of Time for Invention.”
Some pretty good ideas – how do you spur innovation in your organization?