The Leader’s Pacing

Pastor Dave Kraft in his book, Leaders Who Last, talks about pacing and how important it is in a leader’s life.

Pastor Kraft gives four practices that he has incorporated into his life to ensure proper pacing.

1. Take a full day off each week and limit my work hours.

2. Plan a full day alone for a spiritual retreat on a monthly basis.

3. Make sure I have some fun each week doing things that make me laugh.

4. Limit the number of evenings I am not at home.

So, how are you pacing your life so that you are in for the long haul and finish well?

Grace & peace,

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  1. I gives me great joy to humbly serve God by helping others in some many small ways. I share when I can and online at Twitter and by email. I seeking a full time position to serve God using the knowledge God has given me by studying the Bible.


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