The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family

Do you ever feel like your work or ministry is much more organized or stable than your family life? Does that somehow feel backwards? Well it is a little backwards!

The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family

Patrick Lencioni in his consulting with senior executives found himself in frequent conservations about their families. The good thing is that their families are very important to them. The negative was that they spent inordinately more time thinking about and planning how to run their businesses than they did for their families.

So, Patrick took some methodology from a previous book and adapted it for the family. It is powerful in that it is simple and easy to apply. This is something that is well worth the investment if your family meets the “frantic family” definition.
Click here to see the summary of the book and to download the tool.

Following is a brief excerpt from his online article on the book:

“What is the most important organization in our lives? The companies where we work? The schools where our children learn? The churches where we worship? As important as all of these are, none compares to our families. It is the single most relevant, impactful and precious institution in society, and yet, as an organization it is largely ignored.

What I mean is that compared to the other organizations in our lives, we spend almost no time doing any formal planning or strategizing about how to run our families. Even those of us who take part in strategic planning at work or school or church somehow feel content to live our home lives in a reactive, unplanned way. Exceptions to this include our finances, where we spend time thinking about savings and investments and budgets. But when it comes to the management of our daily lives and activities and priorities, we tend to wing it, reacting to issues and problems as they come up without any context or plan.

And the cost of winging it is huge.

The Three Big Questions:

1. What makes your family unique?

2. What is your family’s top priority – rallying cry – right now?

3. How are we going to talk about and use the answers to these questions?”

Again – it is a great book. If you feel like you have a “frantic family”, take a few minutes to check this out. You will be blessed.

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