The Disciplines of a Coaching Leader

Daniel Harkavy is one of my new favorite authors.  I have been greatly blessed by his book, Becoming a Coaching Leader, which has already impacted and changed how I lead others.

One of the chapters of his book I particularly enjoyed is The Disciplines of a Coaching Leader: The Consistent Behaviors.   Daniel makes the following statement, “Performing at uncommon levels is . . .the goal of every coaching leader.. . While they loathe mediocrity, they also want more that great numbers or great earnings.  They want great people to develop in great ways, and they want to be an integral part of the process.  That’s not common!  But it is what separates coaching leaders from other fine leaders.

Following are some observations Daniel makes regarding the key consistent behaviors of a coaching leader:

  • You First! – Everyone on your team watches you to see if your “walk” matches your “talk”.  He observes that the most influential leaders are typically those that tirelessly live out their convictions.
  • Create A Gap List – You should create a list of personal & professional areas of knowledge needed, systems needed, skills needed, and disciplines needed.  Once you identify the “gaps” in your life, focus on them and take steps to shore them up.
  • Share It With Your Team – Let your team know what you are struggling with (as appropriate), what you are aspiring to accomplish & then live it out in front of them.  Lead by example!
  • Discipline Your Schedule – make sure you are blocking off time to do one-on-one coaching with your team members. “If you intentionally, proactively develop your people, you’ll end up spending far less time in reactive crisis mode, because your people will be growing in skill and competence.”
  • Value Accountability – Accountability is the KEY ingredient to a healthy coaching relationship.  One of the greatest things you can do for your team is to follow-up with them regularly.  Discipline yourself to follow-up with your team.
  • Be Sure To Encourage Them – this is one of your most important disciplines.  Encourage your team!  Regularly!!

Challenging disciplines to be sure!  But, if you really desire to grow as a leader, especially a coaching leader, you need to put these into place in your life.

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