Take a Morning Vacation

The alarm goes off – you ignore it.  It keeps going off so you hit the snooze button.  You hit the snooze button again, and again, and again.  When it finally registers on you what time it is, your heart kicks into high gear, you hit the bathroom, throw on your clothes, skip breakfast and pray that there are no traffic jams.  Does this sound somewhat familiar?

Daniel Harkavy recommends another way – take a vacation in the morning!

Wak­ing up run­ning is the norm for many in these crazed times. This daily rou­tine can leave many a leader feel­ing over­whelmed and tired. It can cause us to live our days crav­ing an escape.

It does not need to be this way.

I have a rou­tine that I strive to sus­tain just about every week­day. I call it my morn­ing vaca­tion. It is my time alone in the early hours, before the rest of my fam­ily is awake. It usu­ally lasts any­where from 30 to 60 min­utes and includes some time spent read­ing the Bible, pray­ing, reflect­ing, stretch­ing, or med­i­tat­ing. Many morn­ings, I do my reflec­tion in the hot tub as the sun is rising.

When I fol­low through with my morn­ing vaca­tion, I find that it impacts how I go through the rest of my day. I am more present, calm, and aware. It equips me for the chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties the next 24 hours will hold.”

I think he may be on to something.  Click here to read the rest of his post.

Are you examining your life and building healthy habits into the rhythms of your week, month, & year?  Pastor Wayne Cordeiro has a great testimony of what happens to you when you don’t build healthy rhythms into your life – click here to learn a little about his story.

So what are you doing to “fill your tanks”?  What do you need to change in in your daily routine in order to live a healthier life?

Seeking Him,