Why You Might Not Be an Empowering Leader

Great story shared yesterday about how a leader encourages his team.  Last month, the president of our ministry, Byron Paulus, was traveling and his executive assistant, Phillip, was traveling with him.  Phillip was so encouraged and touched by something very simple, yet very powerful that Byron did often during the trip.

As they would arrive at their appointments and the introductions began, Byron would not introduce Phillip as his assistant or even his co-worker.  He would always introduce Phillip to these other leaders as his friend.  Needless to say, that communicated in a deep and impactful way to Phillip.

Something so simple, but yet so powerful.

Are you truly an empowering leader?

Most of us desire to be an empowering leader, but so often I fail.  Ron Edmonson has listed “10 Reasons Not to Call Yourself an Empowering Leader”.  If one or more of these “reasons” are true of you, you may want to reexamine yourself to see if you truly are empowering your teammates.

Click here to read Ron’s post.

So – do you need to change some things about how you lead in order to truly empower your teammates?

Have a blessed day!