Leaders Who Leave a Lasting Impact

Great guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog by Greg Grimwood.

Greg talks about someone who made a profound difference in his life – Denny.

He notes three things about Denny:

1. He listened with his entire being.

2. He asked questions that stopped me, forced me to think, led me to clarity.

3. He shared thoughtful counsel with a humble sense of his own humanity.

People like Denny move the weight of everything in their organizations, one relationship at a time. They walk into a room full of people and see individuals, not one mass lump of humanity.

Read the entire post by clicking here.  It is well worth the read!

So you know someone like Denny?  Can someone say these things about you?

Have a great weekend – remember to pray for our military and their families.  Please especially pray for the families that have lost someone in war.