What Are the “Ingredients” of a Leader in Ministry?

On this cool and rainy morning here in southwest Michigan, I was thinking about want it means to be a leader in ministry.

Two authors I enjoy have summed it up fairly well.

First, Dr. Crawford Lorritts, in his book, Leadership as an Identity, says that there are four characteristics of a leader in ministry:

The four characteristics are:

1. Brokenness – a conscious, core awareness that you need God in all things.

2. Uncommon Communion – a deep heart connection with God.

3. Servanthood as An Identity – when you embrace servant leadership not as a strategy, but as an identity.

4. Radical Immediate Obedience – Obedience acknowledges the supremacy of God over all things including the affairs of your life and the work/mission.

Pastor Dave Kraft in his book, Leaders Who Last, gives the following list:

First and foremost – servants of the Lord.  Secondly, servants of those they lead.

Characterized by humility, dependence, and team-playing.

Called by God into leadership.

We have four major responsibilities for those we lead:

a. Shepherding

b. Developing

c. Equipping

d. Empowering

Leaders are moving towards a specific destination.

Leaders are creating and sustaining an agreed-upon vision.

Hope you have a blessed day today as you serve our Lord!