Forgiveness – A Key Leadership Principle

Following is an excerpt from a guest blog post by Andy Andrews on Michael Hyatt’s blog.  The topic is forgiveness as a leadership principle.  Forgiveness is so powerful and life altering, yet so many of us continue to harbor bitterness that eats away at us like a spiritual cancer with very real physical results.

Andy Andrews is the author of The Noticer, one of my favorite books, as well as other books.  Check out Andy’s blog.

Please go to Michael Hyatt’s blog and read the entire post – it is well worth it.

“I have become convinced that there is one leadership principle upon which companies and families and fortunes balance, but it is totally misunderstood by today’s corporate and political leaders. This principle is powerful enough that it has redirected many of our lives in an eternal way, yet it is so ignored in our daily living that its absence has torn apart companies, families, nations, and civilizations!

It is called forgiveness.

This blog entry is not about our own forgiveness, the kind that comes freely from God when we ask for it. That is a spiritual concept. I am calling attention to what we have in our control when we are lying awake at night thinking about a specific person and what he or she said or did and how we responded, and what we will say if we see them tomorrow!

Forgiveness is a decision—it is not an emotion.

But forgiveness is not just a decision; it’s a principle. That means that it works every time. In our minds and hearts, we must consistently make the decision to forgive an offense until our emotions align with the decision we have made.

Try it. It works—especially when the target of your anger and resentment is yourself.

Forgive yourself first, and then you’ll have the poise and presence you need to seek forgiveness from others and transform your relationships, your business, and every aspect of your life.”

Another book you might enjoy on forgiveness was written by a colleague and good friend of mine is Choosing Forgiveness by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Practice the principle of forgiveness and see how it changes your life – start today!

Question – First – have you sought forgiveness from God?  Have you forgiven others in your life?  Have you forgiven yourself?