Four Leadership Behaviors That Build or Destroy Trust

The Blanchard Leader Chat site has an interesting article on developing trust between a leader and their followers.  The post has some good insights.  Some sound very similar to the principles in the book, The Way of the Shepherd.

“When people don’t trust their leaders, they don’t come toward something; they pull back and withdraw instead. They doubt rather than cooperate.

According to Dr. Pat Zigarmi, Founding Associate of The Ken Blanchard Companies, and Randy Conley, the Trust Practice Leader at Blanchard, a self-centered, “What’s in it for me” attitude robs an organization of the best that employees have to offer. When employees perceive that an organization—or its leaders—are less than forthcoming, employees become unwilling to contribute any discretionary energy or make any commitments to their organization’s well-being beyond the absolute minimum.

For leaders looking to turn things around in their organization, Zigarmi and Conley recommend that leaders take a hard look in the mirror and examine their own behaviors. Here are four key areas that leaders have to be aware of when they are looking at building or restoring trust with the people they lead:

Able is about demonstrating competence.

Believable means acting with integrity.

Connected is about demonstrating care and concern for other people.

Dependable is about reliably following through on what the leaders say that they are going to do.”

Question – what do you look for in a leader?  Are those things true in your own life?  Are you the kind of person you would want to follow?

Blessings today,