Better Ideas Faster. How to Brainstorm More Effectively.

Hope it is a great day for you!

A friend of mine, Aaron Paulus, has a great post on his site on how to brainstorm more effectively.  Brainstorming is one of those concepts that is embraced by many, but understood by few.

Aaron gives some simple steps to brainstorming more effectively that he learned at the HOW Design Conference.  Following are a few highlights.

Three Steps to Effective Brainstorming:

1. Identify Your Goal or the Problem You Need to Solve

2. Determine Your Brainstorming Foundation

3. Brainstorming Methods:

a. Word Listing

b. Photo Inspiration

c. The “Creative Drawer”

d. Future Casting

Click here to read Aaron’s post.  If you are wanting to become better at brainstorming it is worth the time to read.

By the way – how do you go about brainstorming?  What methods work best for you?