“Wherever You Are…Be Fully There” – Smart Phones and Meetings

You are in a meeting making your presentation – a presentation that you have spent many hours on and have fretted over.  You have poured yourself into this project.  The others in the meeting have asked for your presentation as they know your passion for the subject and have said that they really want to hear you.

Everyone walks in to the meeting and promptly takes out their smart phones and lay them face up on the table in front of them.

You start into your presentation with passion – then you hear that familiar sound of a smart phone vibrating on a hard surface.  Immediately everyone looks at their phone.  You stop, but the offender says to go on, he will keep up.  As you “keep on” the person is now furiously “thumbing” away on his phone and occasionally grunting or saying uh-huh to try to make you think he is really paying attention to your presentation.  Then you hear the vibration of another phone and someone else is now “thumbing” away.

How does that make you feel?  For me – not too well.

Tim Stevens on his blog, Leading Smart, has a great post on this subject and five suggestions on how to deal with this bad habit.  Take a few minutes and check out his post on this very annoying subject as he deals with the core issue of valuing others.

Have a great weekend!