Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Robert E. Quinn in his article, Moments of Greatness (Harvard Business Review July-August 2005) poses four questions in his article that I think are worth repeating:

Am I results centered? – Do I venture beyond familiar territory to pursue ambitious new outcomes?

Am I internally directed? – Do I behave according to my values?

Am I other focused? – do I put the welfare of others and the team above my own?

Am I externally open? – Do I learn from others and recognize when there’s a need for change?

Some good questions.

What are some questions that you ask to keep yourself oriented on the right things?

It’s my daughter’s birthday so it is a great day!


2 thoughts on “Four Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Thanks for this. Great questions to pose. Looked up the article then used it in a recent doctoral research paper.



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