Are You Doing the Most Important Thing Each Day?

One of most recognized and simple, but most ineffectively used, management tools is the prioritized “to-do” lists.

The key word here is prioritized.   Most of us are good at creating these long, and often discouraging, to-do lists.  We either ignore it because it is too long and go to something we like to do or we just randomly pick things throughout the day to do that seem to fit our mood.

The key is spending time prayerfully and thoughtfully in determining what is most important for the day and having the discipline to begin with that task without being distracted.  Most of us tend to be at our best at the first part of our workday, so we need to focus our attention on key priorities early in the work day.

Remember, it is not the length of your to-do list that counts – what counts is getting the right things done in the right order of priority.

Question – are you doing the one thing today that is the most important or are you avoiding dealing with that task?

Hope you have a blessed day today!