Leadership Teams Operating Principles

This morning we had a good session with about 25 of our leaders talking about our Leadership Team Operating Principles.  We are working to flesh out how we are to work together as leaders and to clearly define expectations.

Three questions that we want to answer with the Operating Principles are:

  • How do we act when we are together?
  • How do we act when we are apart?
  • How do we organize ourselves to maximize effectiveness?

Following are our current Leadership Team Operating Principle.  If you have any thoughts about them – I would love to hear from you.

Life Action’s Leadership Teams Operating Principles

  • Cutting Edge Commitments (Core Values)

o   We are responsible for and committed to modeling & teaching the Cutting Edge Commitments (core values) to the rest of the ministry and holding each other accountable to do so.

o   We will periodically discern which core value is lacking within any segment of the ministry and work at focusing on improvement.

  • Mission focused

o   We will maintain focus on the mission & message that the Lord has given to this ministry.

o   Our mission & message do not change; however, methodology, systems, structure, styles, etc. are changeable.  Not for change’s sake, but in order to advance the mission & message.

  • Decision Making

o   We will seek to make decisions that are God-initiated and prayed through.

o   We will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leadership. – We realize that only as we are dependent upon and directed and energized by the Holy Spirit will the supernatural power of God be manifested.

o   We will let God’s Word be the ultimate authority for every decision.

  • Humility

o   We will speak of “we”, not “I” and, ultimately, about HIM!

o   We will not rob glory from God by exalting ourselves.

o   We will resist the bondage of false humility.

  • Honor

o   We will honor each other before others and be committed to each other’s success.

o   We will not speak negatively of each other before others.

o   We will approach conflict biblically, going first and only to those with whom we have conflict.

o   We will treat each other just as we would like to be treated.

o   We will appreciate and applaud each other’s gifting.

  • Trust

o   We understand that trust is foundational to the effective operations of a leadership team.

o   We will believe in each other.

o   We will embrace healthy conflict and evaluation as a means of the growth of the team and the good of the ministry.

o   Disagreements will be “left in the room” and we will support and execute the decisions of the team.

  • Servant Leadership

o   We will seek to be the greatest servants in the ministry and always be willing to do more than what we ask others to do.

o   We will be visibly committed to the success of those we supervise and lead.

o   We understand that the biblical view of leadership is servant-leadership.

o   We will esteem all others as better than ourselves

  • Community

o   We will take the lead in developing community within our departments and the ministry as a whole.

o   We will model community by giving to, praying for, and investing in each other’s lives and families.

o   We will model hospitality to each other and to those we lead by inviting them into our homes and reaching out to them in other ways.

  • Clarity

o   We will work hard at graciously maintaining clear lines of authority and responsibility (respecting the “chain of command”) and address this appropriately when violated.

o   We will speak only for the team when it has been agreed on by the team.

o   We won’t exercise undue authority over people we don’t lead.

o   We will reinforce organizational clarity.

  • Accountability

o   We will place ourselves under an even greater degree of accountability than we demand of others.

o   As leaders, we will not hesitate to challenge each other as needed in regards to our walk with the Lord, our responsibilities to our families, and our responsibilities as leaders within Life Action.

o   We will seek to model to the entire ministry what a great team looks like.

Blessings on your day!