“4 Digital Alternatives to the Traditional Resume” – an interesting post

If you are interested in developing a more effective resume, check out this post on Mashable / Business on digital alternatives for resumes.

Following are a few comments from the post (click here to read the entire post):

Today’s business owners are involved in much more than running the business. So in addition to the traditional paper resume, there are some other ways to convey a summary of your experience and knowledge. Depending on your situation, you might want to explore one or all of the following options, including video resumes, VisualCVs, social resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

1. Video Resumes

Consider adding a video resume to your current professional profiles, but make sure the production quality is up to par and that it accurately portrays your professional experiences and goals.

2. The VisualCV

If you have a lot of work in the digital space, a VisualCV might be an option. This format allows you to pull all types of interactive content into a traditional resume format with additional links to blog posts, Twitter accounts, videos, presentations and so on.

3. The Social Resume

When an explanation of your capabilities is more useful information than your previous experience, a social resume is a dynamic way to convey how you think and communicate by capturing your online conversations. While they might share some of the qualities of a VisualCV, the content in social resumes focuses more on the here and now compared to traditional resumes, which tell people where you have been in the past.

4. Your LinkedIn Profile

If you want to give others a three-dimensional view, providing a LinkedIn URL offers quick, direct access to an individual’s ever-expanding professional network of connections and involvement.

Interesting ideas – what do you think?