Work – a calling, a ministry, a mission, and an act of gratitude and offering to God

My oldest daughter is completing her degree at Seattle Pacific University – a very long ways from Michigan I might add!  As she is attending SPU, I naturally have become quite interested in the university as you might imagine.

One resource I have found & enjoy at SPU is the blog from their Center for Business Integrity.  The October 8 posting is on “Inner Transformation through Daily Work”.  Quite a good read.  Not only some good insights, but also has a poem on the value of work at the end of the post if you enjoy poetry.

Following is a brief excerpt from the post:

“. . . work ought to be pursued as a calling, a ministry, a mission, and an act of gratitude and offering to God. It is a gift from our Creator that was bestowed upon humanity before sin entered the world. When we acknowledge God in our work, we join him in the creation and redemption story, mirroring God in thought and deed. Conversely, when we reduce work to a curse, or, more subtly, a mere act of ‘making a living,’ we disconnect from the larger, grand narrative for which we are part.

To a certain extent, the gift of work is outwardly focused, bringing healing and restoration to a hurting world. But it has internal implications, too. Part of the goodness of work is that we are renovated through it and by it. God transforms us and summons our trust in him through the highs and lows of daily labor. In the grittiness and routine of our roles and responsibilities, we too often let go of this important perspective.”

Also following is an excerpt from the poem:

“When work is mission on the move

By those whose efforts serve to prove

That nothing’s wasted in God’s hands

When we respond to his commands

Then we shall hear him say ‘well done’

To those who worked under the Son.”

Work truly is a gift from a loving God and we should attend to it as an offering of praise back to Him.

To God be the glory!