Delegating – 5 Levels

Delegating well is something that many of us talk about, but don’t do well.  I have noticed that I often frustrate my staff because I delegate in the manner that I prefer to be delegated to.  I am an abstract thinker and prefer my boss to just give me the big picture and I will figure it out.  The problem is, most people are not that way – they want and need better “handles” on what you are delegating to them.

I have posted an item before from a friend of mine on a framework for delegating that is very helpful (Delegation – A Supervisor’s Framework).  Click here to read that post.  Additionally, Michael Hyatt has a very helpful post on his blog this week called The Five Levels of Delegation.   His five levels are:

1. Do exactly what I have asked you to do.

2. Research the topic and report back.

3. Research the topic, outline the options, and make a recommendation.

4. Make a decision and then tell me what you did.

5. Make whatever decision you think is best.

A very useful tool.  Click here to read the entire post – I believe that you will find it quite helpful – especially if delegating well is a challenge for you as it is for me.

Hope you have a refreshing weekend.