How Analog Rituals Can Amp Your Productivity – great article

99% has a great article on how analog rituals can enhance your performance.  Click here to read the article.

Personally, I like my tech tools and use my computer to “run my day”.  However, I have found that a weekly “analog”  ritual I have set in place is one of my greatest productivity enhancements.

Every Monday morning, I go to early a local restaurant where they do an excellent job of keeping your coffee cup filled and you have a good breakfast.  Better yet, the booths are large enough for you to spread out and they don’t mind how long you stay.

So, for about an hour or and hour and a half, I read, write down ideas in my Moleskine notebook, and plan my week.  there is just something about “unplugging” and just thinking with a good notebook and a pen in hand.

This weekly ritual has been one of my greatewst productivity gains.

So, what rituals do you have in place to become more effective in your calling?