Busyness and the Rhythms of Life

Are you busy?  Are you very, very busy?  Is this busyness fulfilling to you?  Or is it draining you?  Do you resent the demands placed on you?  Do you miss actually seeing and interacting with your family on a regular basis?  If you do, that begs the question – what is the purpose of your work?

A friend of mine often speaks to beleaguered families and he makes this statement – “It seems that most of us get up in a tired and in a rush, get the kids fed & off to school, do our best to make it to work on time, try to survive a day with back-to-back meetings on our calendar, work late due to schedule interruptions, arrive late to the kids ball game, grab a fast-food supper, get home, do homework, get the kids in bed and then fall into beds ourselves – late.  The next morning we get to get up and do it all over again.”  Not too encouraging.  The pity is that we actually choose to live this way.

I am currently undergoing my coaching certification process with Ministry Coaching International.  MCI is the sister organization to Building Champions, an executive coaching firm.  One of the BC coaches is Steve Scanlon and he has an excellent guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog entitled Confronting the Curse of Busyness”. Great article and well worth a read.

I have put a few practices or anchors as a friend of mine calls them, in my life to ensure a proper rhythm around some important relationships in my life.  Three of these are:

1. My marriage – every week, my wife and I have a breakfast date at a nice little restaurant to discuss the previous week and plan for the next week.  We found it very necessary to get away for this time.  You can’t do it at home as there is too many things vying for your attention.

2. My children – all four of us like to read, so for years we have had a weekly “family date” where we go to the local Barnes & Noble bookstore, get a cup of coffee and read books and talk.  This has become an important tradition to our girls.

3. Accountability – for years now, I have been meeting my best friend & accountability partner at a local restaurant (where they keep your coffee cup full!) on Tuesday mornings at 7:00.  We talk about how we are doing in our walk with Christ, our marriages, our families and our work.  This time has proven invaluable to me in my growth.

These are just three of the things I do to maintain a healthy rhythm in my life.  What are you doing to bring back balance to your life & to rescue it from busyness?

Peace and grace,