Servantship vs. Leadership – what is the difference?

Leadership – it’s critical to how we function in Christ’s Kingdom, in our families, in our churches and in our businesses.  It is also overrated and misunderstood and has been raised to a celebrity like focus.

I have noticed that even in our churches and ministries the view we have of leadership is not a biblical view, but a very secular view of leadership.  We have quickly attached a celebrity like status to the outstanding leaders in evangelical Christianity that is not healthy in my opinion.

Matthew 20:25 – 28 and 1 Peter 5: 2 – 3 paint a more correct view of leadership in God’s economy.

We often talk about servant leadership, but as we do it sounds more like a leadership strategy.  We see ourselves as leaders who serve and often derive our sense of identity as leaders.  However, in the Kingdom, is not our identity that of a servant first?  Instead of being leaders who serve, should we not rather be servants who happen to lead?

Servant leadership is a way of life, not a strategy.

Leaders in God’s Kingdom exist to serve God and the well-being of His people – not to serve their own agenda.

A man who is a good friend of our ministry, has come to the conclusion that we need to quit having leadership training and begin having Servantship training.  Sounds good to me.

So, the question is – are you a leader who tries to serve or are you a servant who leads?

Have a blessed week serving our Lord and His people.