Learning by Teaching

Teaching is a privilege and one of the best ways to learn that I have experienced.

I have had the opportunity to teach in the MBA program at Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN (South Bend).  Often, I have found that I learn much more from my students that I teach them.  For instance, I found some real gems in the last set of papers I had assigned to the class.  So, I would like to share with you, some of their “sound bites” of wisdom:

God has placed me in a position of authority as a part of His plan for my life.  It is my responsibility to use that authority to glorify Him.

A leader is none other than a servant who leads.

The servant-leader is servant first.

I did not understand the impact my state of mind and my relationship with my family has on my leadership ability.  I realize now I cannot be an effective leader if I have nothing to give.  I have to have my “house” in order before I can manage someone else’s.

The state of my personal life directly affects my leadership.

The real reason for the imbalance in my life is the absence of my dependence on Christ.

At times I get so wrapped up in the need to solve an issue quickly I forget there are people and feelings involved as well.  If I remember God calls us to love one another, I will be able to improve the way I treat others in difficult situations.

Management requires not only skill; it requires the heart of a shepherd.

Having a humble heart means I will never let my position of authority override my core values.

If there has ever been a weakness needing my serious attention, it would have to be the absence of balance between family and my work.

Sometimes, taking the time to talk to someone and listen to their trials and tribulations is worth more than anything else you can do.

Leadership is a snow plow in the heart of a blustery mid-winter snowstorm clearing a path that was previously covered.  Management is a car following the snow plow with clearly defined snow banks enabling the car to stay on track although very icy.

Leadership is a way of life and begins behind closed doors.

People are much more than just interchangeable parts of business and they deserve to be treated with compassion, love and respect.

The workplace needs to be safe and the staff needs to feel comfortable when approaching management.

An individual must keep their cup filled in order to be a successful leader.

To be a great leader, I have always believed one must be a great follower.

Management is leading people – it is a burden of love.

It makes you really think about how you may be treating someone and how differently God would want you to treat that person knowing that they are a brother or sister in Christ. Personally it makes me want to slow down and spend more time with people.

The purpose of management is to unleash the unique gifts of the individual for the performance of the organization.

I realize that I have held my boss to a different standard than I should have.

We are all made in the image of God and as a result should treat each other with dignity, respect, and with unwavering integrity.  Anything short of that would be first a slight against God and secondly a detriment to those bearing witness to our testimony as a leader.

I have found that I am able to obtain more efficient and effective results when a personal and trustworthy relationship has been established and mutual respect has been created and nurtured.

Sometimes when people get off track it was my fault for not staying on top of things and providing more guidance and direction.

Some good points mentioned above.

Blessings and have a Merry Christmas!

Jesus is Lord!