Busy-ness vs. Effectiveness

Are you more concerned with the temporary satisfaction that results from busy-ness or are you more concerned with effectiveness – in other words, results?  Both in your vocational life and in your walk with Jesus?

Of course, most of us instinctively know that effectiveness (results) is the correct answer, but we actually live as if busy-ness is most important.  Our culture is such that we actually value busy-ness or the appearance of busy-ness more than we do results.

Two quotes I came across recently speak to this issue.  First from a recent blog post by Seth Godin

Measuring busy-ness... is far easier than measuring business.

Busy-ness might feel good (like checking your email on Christmas weekend) but business means producing things of actual value. Often, the two are completely unrelated.

The other by Keith Meyer in the book, The Kingdom Life.

“. . . we must also deal with the subtle issues of workaholism, performance, ambition, and people pleasing, which are often rewarded and disguised as evidence of spirituality.

So, what is your focus?  Busy-ness to impress others or effectiveness?

Blessings on your week!