Want to Grow as a Leader? Ask Yourself These Questions

As leaders, we want to continue to grow – at least we should want to grow.

The JAN – FEB 2011 issue of the Harvard Business Review has a good article on this subject.

First they pose two questions you should ask yourself:

“How good am I?”

“Do I need to get better?”

What the researchers have found is that many managers don’t get better, because they don’t know how to.  So they recommend answering these additional questions:

“Do you understand what’s required to become truly effective?”

“Do you understand what you’re trying to attain?”

The authors go on to say that you need an “overarching, integrated way of thinking about your work as a manager.”.

They then offer three imperatives as an approach:

Manage yourself – Productive influence comes from people’s trust in your competence and character.”

Manage your network – The organization as a whole must be engaged to create the conditions for your own and your team’s success.” (this sounds a little self-centered)

Manage your team – Effective managers forge a high-performing ‘we’ out of all the individuals who report to them.”

Another key point, in my opinion, that the authors make is that constant probing and self-assessment is essential.  I strongly agree.

So – for this next year – how do you plan to grow as a leader?

Blessings on your New Year,