The Leadership Academy and Succession

I hope your week is starting well today!

This past week I was in warm Mississippi and now I am back in Southwest Michigan where it is considerably cooler!

I was in Mississippi to speak at the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy on strategic planning.  It is a wonderful concept that was birthed by a good friend of mine Dr. Howell Garner.  Dr. Garner is the former president of Copiah-Lincoln Community College and is now the president of the Mississippi Community College Foundation.

Dr. Garner became concerned that not enough was being done to prepare the next generation of leadership for the community colleges.  So each year, they start a “class” of young leaders who meet three – four times a year for three days at a time.  They cover a wide range of topics and hear from a wide range of leaders from both the educational system as well as the private sector.

As a native of Mississippi, it thrills me to see this type of intentional effort at developing the leaders of the future.

My question for you – what type of “leadership academy” do you have where you serve?  If you don’t have something – maybe it is time to create some system of training your future leaders.

Blessing on your week,