Do You Need to Look in the Mirror?

‘When a leader isn’t getting what s/he wants out of someone, it’s important first to look in the mirror and ask ‘What do I need to change in the way I am leading to launch them into effective, independent action?’ ‘”

Great point from a post by David Peck.  We often blame those we lead for not performing well, misunderstanding instructions, or failing to meet our expectations when the real source of the problem can be found by looking into the mirror.

I remember when I worked in quality long, long ago being taught that Joseph Juran (one of the grandaddies of the Quality Management) made the claim that over 80% of all quality issues were managment caused – not worker caused.

We often default to the position that it is the fault of our team members when they err, when the real cause can be found in the mirror.

So, before assigning the blame to others, pause and take a look into the mirror.

Have a great time of worship at church tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Do You Need to Look in the Mirror?

  1. That bit of advice is fantastic. It seems that many people forget that at times, myself included. While this isn’t to say that Leaders need to be perfect, it does serve as a reminder that their actions are setting the tone for others.


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