Bad Meetings – An Answer

Bad meeting – have you ever sat through or endured one?  For many, that is the rule and not the exception.

Matt Perman, has a blog post on bad meetings entitled – “Bad Meetings Generate Real Human Suffering“.  Quite a statement and a little shocking at first glance, but after only a few minutes of reflection, it’s truth is quite apparent.  Matt goes on to quote Patrick Lencioni from his book, Death by Meeting:

“Bad meetings exact a toll on the human beings who must endure them, and this goes far beyond mere momentary dissatisfaction. Bad meetings, and what they indicate and provoke in an organization, generate real human suffering in the form of anger, lethargy, and cynicism. And while this certainly has a profound impact on organizational life, it also impacts people’s self-esteem, their families, and their outlook on life.

And so, for those of us who lead organizations and the employees who work within them, improving meetings is not just an opportunity to enhance the performance of our companies. It is also a way to positively impact the lives of our people. And that includes us.”

So what is an answer? First, I would recommend reading Death by Meeting.  Secondly, you need to decide what you want meetings to accomplish and to look like in your organizations and then start putting into place the mechanisms to accomplish your vision.

To make meetings a blessing instead of a curse we have developed a meeting protocol.  Click here to read an earlier post on “A Meeting Protocol“. Hopefully, this might jump start your thinking as to how you want meetings to run in your organization.

So what do you plan t0 change so that your meeting bless instead of curse your staff?

Have a great weekend!