Values – Are They Really Important to Your Organization?

Leading with Luv by Ken Blanchard and Colleen Barrett is a great little book as I mentioned in my last post and I want to share another little tidbit for your consideration.

Being a “values driven organization” is a popular topic today, but most of us deal with a gap between our stated values and our functional values – what we really do.  A key task of leadership is to work to close that gap.

The question the authors ask is key to assessing how serious you are about actually operating according to your stated values.

“Are people who don’t live your values tolerated in your organization? If so, what has been the impact? If not, how are they dealt with?”

The answers to the questions above could be a good indicator of truly how serious you are about your stated values.

(watch a video of a conversation between Ken and Colleen about the book by clicking here)

Hope you have a great weekend!