Are You Living Intentionally? Here is a Tool to Help

“Striving to be Intentional” – this is the e-mail signature block of a friend of my wife.  She and her husband see life as a wonderful gift of God that is to be lived intentionally and not squandered.

To live intentionally requires seeking God in prayer and the Scriptures, times of deep reflection and deep discussion to better understand your purpose.  It also requires planning.

Daniel Harkavy of Building Champions and Ministry Coaching International, the sister organization to Building Champions, have a couple of great tools for life planning. Building Champions has a Life Plan and Ministry Coaching International has the Life Book.  Both are great tools for living life intentionally.

In an earlier post I talked about the Life Accounts in the Life Book and how they are so very helpful in living life intentionally. Click here to read that post.

Additionally, Michael Hyatt has taken the Life Plan and turned it into a great e-book and is offering it free for a time – click here to read Michael’s post and to register for the free e-book.

Do not just float through life – live intentionally and with great passion for the glory of God.

Have a great weekend!