Work as Art – you are an artist

You are an artist, you just may not realize that yet.

You are creating a thing of beauty when you do your work well, with creativity, with passion and most of all when you do it as unto the Lord.

When you cooperate with the Holy Spirit, when you allow Him to guide your hand on your piece of the canvas of life, you are creating something that is beautiful.

An old window painted by Keely

Some of us don’t feel like “creatives” as we don’t make paintings, videos, music, and etc.  We balance the books, input the data, make the sale, assemble the part, attend meetings, and so on.  In reality, what you do impacts lives – especially when guided by the Spirit and for the Lord’s glory.

When He guides your hand, you create something beautiful – and it is an act of worship.  So this week, create for His glory and see what happens.