Four Stages of the Creative Process

Creativity is something that fascinates me – as a “left-brain” thinker, the “right-brain” folks intrigue me and I desire to better tap into my creative side.  My youngest daughter is an artist and the way she looks at the world is wonderful.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am reading Thinking for a Living by Joey Reiman.  Pretty good book.  In the book, he lays out their Journey of Ideation.  This journey consists of four stages:

1. Investigation – this is where you gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. This step usually leads to what he calls the destiny statement for the project.

2. Incubation – this is the longest stage.  This is where they “allow our minds to go out and play.”.  This is the brainstorming stage – both independently and collectively.  This is the time you are searching for the one elusive insight or idea that will provide clarity.  This is the “daydreaming” phase.  Usually they come out of this phase with hundreds of ideas.

3. Illumination – He makes the statement that ideas don’t appear, they evolve.  This is the stage where the editing of the ideas from the Incubation Phase takes place.  This is where they are attempting to illuminate the one Big Idea.

4. Illustration – In this phase, you are visually portraying and personifying the Big Idea.

Looks like an interesting framework for ideation.

How does your organization set up the creative process?

Blessings on your week!