Leading By Example – Some Questions for Evaluation

Leading by example – I am sure you have heard that and probably often said it.  The question for all of us – are we actually living it?  Or do we sometimes feel that because of our position we somehow are exempt from the “rules”.

Another question – do we really know what our values are and do we actually live by them?

In their book, A Coach’s Guide To Developing Exemplary Leaders, Kouzes and Posner have some diagnostic questions that help you to evaluate if you are setting the right personal example for those you lead.

1. What do you think it means to “set a personal example”?

2. What are your top three defining values?

3. Imagine that you are setting the perfect personal example; what would it look like?

4. How will you know what the expectations are?

5. What do you wish leaders you’ve worked for in the past had done more? Less?

6. Who can you relate to that is a good example of setting a personal example?

7. Where do you think there might be a disconnect between what you say and what you do?

8. Why should someone follow you?

9. If your team could select its leader, would they choose you? Why do you think that?

Some great questions – might be a good exercise to take some time and answer  over the next few days.